Frock Tales the Tale by Janie Morgan-Wood

Frock Tales the Tale by Janie Morgan-Wood

The Frock Tales message ‘your style your story’ highlights our brand focus which is all about you! We all face daily challenges and engage in a variety of activities that test our resolve and our need for versatile clothing. Therefore, dressing should be easy, accessible and not cost the earth and this is significant to our philosophy.

My love of fashion stems from my early childhood. I have vivid memories of standing motionless captivated by the dresses in shop windows and for my tenth birthday craving a denim trouser suit with red flower buttons. My infatuation with clothes grew from these experiences. It is not just the look, but my emotional attachment to the clothes that I wear, that ‘great feeling’ fuels my passion. All too often our focus is on how we look rather than how we feel. I want everyone to experience what I feel and hopefully I have designed pieces that make you look great and feel fabulous!

Reflecting on my connection to clothing I wear led me to identify that there are stories associated with each piece. Perhaps a memorable occasion, a great excursion or simply a lovely day with friends. This initiation of what we wear in to our lives helps to create a personal attachment. We all have garments in our wardrobes that are either unworn or new and still have the tags attached, maybe because they haven’t been introduced in to our lives. So, when our garments are new, and with no initial connection formed I felt inspired to help us develop an association with clothes, by having a modern fairy tale written. This is a dramatic story that evokes inspiration and love. We have a lot to understand about the effect of ownership and why certain clothes can make us feel more creative, competent, or confident.  We call the effect ‘frock tales conscious’.

The Frock Tales story is Enchanted, written by ‘Madelaine’, who prefers to stay anonymous. It is a modern-day fairy tale with focus on adventure, encounters, triumphs, mood, courage, aspirations and success. The central character in the story could be you as you are the heroine in your life story. We have introduced objects in to the story, such as an apple, glass bottle and buttons, we have then used these as props in our photoshoots.

 You will receive a paragraph of the tale with every purchase, with the intention of helping you to form an attachment to your garment, which may then be worn, loved and cherished until the end of its life. I would like to introduce you to our story…

Enchanted, The Dawning

From the depths of the early morning darkness a solitary bird begins its proclamation of the new day, perhaps a new beginning for some. Akin to jungle drums the message is transmitted to the rest of the chorus. One by one each songster joins the throng filling the morning air with lively chatter, this is truly a time for reflection, emotion, and imagination. I feel different today, full of anticipation and excitement, why do I feel like this? After the heartache of the past few months this overwhelming emotion makes me want to embrace the dawn, something I have not felt for a long time. Sitting down on the soft grass under the canopy of the forest I reflect on the past and imagine what the future might hold.

By Madelaine

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